Укр Eng

The Rules of Conduct

Dear guests, for your comfort and calm, please, pay attention to our rules of conduct in the hotel.

Accommodation at the hotel at 4.00 p. m. local time.

There are Non Smoking Rooms (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and Smoking Rooms (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) in our hotel – smoking areas with ashtrays are equipped at the balconies.

Restaurant is opened around the clock.

Visiting the restaurant in bathrobes is denied.

Upon checking the hotel you get the room key. If you need to leave the hotel briefly, you should give a key to administrator.

Keep clean, careful with property and equipment of the hotel.

Do not create conditions for a power outages, water and heat supply networks and the other technical, engineering systems and equipment of hotel.

Obey all fire safety rules, preventing the occurrence of fires.

Do not disturb the other guests that living in hotel, follow the silence and order in the room and the public order in the hotel.

Pay damages in case of loss or damage the hotel property. The extent of damage is determined by the price list price hotels on the date of discovery of damage.


  • to keep and unsanctioned use of fireworks;
  • to rearrange the furniture in the room;
  • to keep animals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc in a room;
  • to left the outside persons in the room, and to send them your room key.

Guests, who have, by the nature of its activities, the right to carry arms, are obliged to show the documents proving that right to request the administration.

If you leave the room, you must turn off the taps, close the windows, turn off the lights, TV and the other electrical appliances, close the room, necessarily tell the administrator about leaving to put the number on the alarm system.

Leaving the hotel make full payment for the offers paid services, inform the reception about your departure, and hand over the keys.

In case of violation of these conditions hotel unilaterally may terminate the provision of hotel services.

General safety rules for the complex visitors

Personal electrics are pushed only into the sockets, stationed in hotel rooms. Be careful, voltage of 220 in life-threatening.

Do not disassemble the technical and electrical that are placed in rooms, do not open any panels and remotes that are installed in the hotel, above-stated actions can be dangerous to human life or cause injury.

Dear guests, Be maximum careful and caution on the stairs, layout of our cottages does not affort make a big and comfortable staircase.

When the weather is bad the staircases can be slippery. Be careful, especially on ascent, descents and porches cottages.

At the bathrooms of hotel rooms, while taking a shower the water gets on the tiles, it can also be slippery.

Do not throw cigarette butts to the woods when smoking on the balconies, this may cause to fire. At the all balconies are installed ashtrays.

Do not leave children unattended in the hotel rooms and at the complex territory. Children may be at the children room with the teacher or parents.

Be careful around decorative ponds. The ponds are much depth than they appear. Do not use water from ponds not for any purposes. The water is treated with special preparations.

The visitors duties and actions in case of fire

In case of fire (signs of burning) every visitor must:

  • notify the fire department immediately (phone number 9-101). You should tell the street address, the number of floors, fire place, setting on fire, the presence of people and tell your name;
  • report about the fire to administrator of the complex (phone number 203);
  • call (on necessity) other emergency services (medical, gas, etc.);
  • take action to notification and evacuation people and save the wealth, fire extinguishing using extinguisher and other fire fighting equipment (act according to evacuation plan in case of fire);
  • organize a meeting of fire monitoring departments and ensure unimpeded access to place of fire and assist them during the containment and elimination of fire.

On the complex territory and rooms is not allowed:

  • use different electric heating appliances in the rooms (boilers, electric kettles, ranges, etc);
  • throw cigarette butts on the ground (the ashtrays are placed throughout the complex territory);
  • make fires, use fireworks (fireworks, firecrackers, etc);
  • bring and keep in the rooms and the complex flammable and explosive substances and items use open fire for anything.