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Restaurant «Muhomor» represents the whole complex of the halls designed for the most different kinds of rest in Poltava. Each hall of the restaurant is decorated by thematic decoration and represents harmonious product of design art. The doors of our Poltava restaurant are always widely open for those who look for cozy atmosphere, calm pleasant music and magnificent cuisine. You will like the mastery of our chief cook spiced with the first class service! Here you can see the menu of our restaurant.

Central hall

Near 40 visitors can be placed in the central hall of the restaurant «Muhomor». Separate booths are designed in the form of cozy arbors with durable wooden furniture in a style of a hunting lodge. The big screen with HD-quality quite often collects the most ardent fans, judges of sports and rest in Poltava.

Banquet hall

Our new luxury banquet hall with the cozy interior and comfortable furniture made of wood. To create a festive mood hall is equipped with a clean and powerful sound. Hall lighting ranges from intimate to dazzling radiant. All of this will make any celebration a memorable one for 70 guests. In the winter you can be warmed by a contemporary living flame fireplace, and panoramic glass wall opens the magical views of the snow-covered forest. During the summer, our room miraculously transformed into a large sundeck. Parting wall of glass, we immerse you into the atmosphere of coniferous forest and birdsong. Thanks to the nearby children's room, great entertainment provided for parents and children.

East hall

It is intricately intertwined ornamental ligature of the decoration of the East hall of our restaurant. There is very cozy small hall with the isolated arbors-booths, with subdued light and soft sofas where reigns the mysterious atmosphere of the East. It permits to relax during the leisurely game in a backgammon and hookah giving a foretaste of wonderful evening in the Poltava hotel.