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Leisure & Entertainment

On the territory of a restaurant and hotel complex «Muhomor» even the pernickety visitor will find a possibility to have a good rest. A wide number of the most different entertainments are accessible to our visitors; nobody will be bored in our small wood fairy-tale kingdom of rest in Poltava.


Nothing favor for removing of the pressure and weariness as a good bath in Poltava. In a nice bath which is equipped in an isolated wood cottage you can take a steam bath with all the heart and plunge into cool deep pool on the first floor. You can also enjoy playing billiards or just have a rest in a sleeping suite on the second floor. The bath hall of the Poltava hotel is designed in an antique style that already creates in itself the light sensation of easiness and freshness. The combination of the wooden furnish, subdued light and pastel tone in decoration of the second floor disposes to a pleasant game or sincere rest in Poltava. The services of Poltava restaurant and services of professional bathhouse attendants are given to the visitors of the bath.


Fans of Russian billiards will be pleasantly surprised visited a billiard room in a «Muhomor» complex. Here in quiet and cozy atmosphere of billiard club you can play well, have a bite, have a rest in soft chairs and spend wonderful time with friends at the Poltava restaurant.

Karaoke hall

New karaoke hall of the hotel «Muhomor» gives to all interested an excellent possibility to sing from the whole heart, to spend wonderful time with friends and to celebrate birthday in the restaurant of Poltava. Interesting decoration of a hall using the elements of «disco» style creates cozy atmosphere and smoothly cheers up. The catalog of songs for a karaoke includes the songs of the Ukrainian and Russian singers and also foreign music and classical smash hits. After visiting a new karaoke hall for rest in Poltava you will understand at once that exactly here it is possible to unburden the heart after a magnificent feast.

Summer platform

The original many-tier summer platform of Poltava restaurant will give special pleasure to fans of rest on fresh wood air. The coziness of a pine edge is added by specially equipped unique landscape composition with ponds and a tiny brook. The coniferous smell of high pines, purl of a stream, wooden arbors, a soft sofa and the sounds of nature– what can be better in a fine warm day?

Children's playground

Creating the most different entertainments for rest of adults, we haven't forgotten about children. The cozy and warm painted game room of the Poltava hotel becomes the real rescue of those who travel and have a rest with all family. While you relax in a bath, hookah hall, a billiard hall or Poltava restaurant, the attentive tutors will occupy your children with every possible developmental game. Children will gambol with all the heart after coming into a wonderful fairy tale!