Restaurant menu

Restaurant "Muhomor" is a whole complex of halls, which doors are always wide open for those who want to appreciate the mastery of the chef, seasoned with first-class service!

Main menu: cuisine

Fresh vegetable saladRaw vegetables dressed with sauce for choice20045,00
Cabbage saladCabbage with cucumber dressed with sauce for choice20040,00
Greek saladFresh vegetables with Feta cheese (brined curd cheese) dressed with olive oil250105,00
Salad "Rainbow"Tomato, Bulgarian pepper, corean carrot, grilled aubergine. Dress with oil.20062,00
Salad "Vinaigrette"Boiled vegetables, Crimean onions, beans, dressed with vegetable oil29065,00
Salad "Diplomat"Beef tongue, cheese, Crimean onions, tomatoes, French fries. Dressed with sauce "Mayonnaise"25089,00
Salad "Mukhomor"Chicken fillet, Chinese cabbige, fried button mushrooms, hard cheese, quail eggs. Dressed with garlic sauce25089,00
Salad "Secret"Pineapple, smoked hen fillet, corn, cheese, egg. Sauce "Mayonnaise"22085,00
Salad "Olivier"Classic "Russian salad" - beef, cucumbers, carrots, eggs, potatoes, green peas. Dressed with sauce "Mayonnaise"25087,00
Salad "Eagle"Grilled beats of pork and hen, crimean onion, egg pancake. Dressed with sauce "Mayonnaise"250110,00
Salad "Caesar"Lettuce, Chinese cabbige, tomato,quail eggs, roasted chicken fillet, bacon, cheese "Parmesan". Dressed with spicy sauce280110,00
Salad "Exotic"Hen fillet, bacon, cheese Dorblu, orange, lettuce. Dressed with exotic orange-honey sauce200120,00
Warm salad "Triumph"Grilled beef tongue, Bulgarian pepper, champignons, aubergine. Dressed with honey-soy sauce.250120,00
Warm salad with calfFried slices of calf and Bulgarian pepper, fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese. Dressed with honey-mustard sauce.230115,00
Warm salad "Ladies whim"Hen liver, Feta cheese, apple, cedar nut. Dressed with honey-soy sauce.20075,00
Salad "Pearl"Royal prawns, salmon fish, Bulgarian pepper, quail eggs. Dressed with original olive oil sauce.200199,00
Warm seafood saladSquids, mussels, tiger tail-on shrimps, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes. Dressed with soy sauce.200240,00
Salad "Shuba"Fish with covering of potatoes, onions, mayonese, carrot.27060,00
Cold Appetizer
Herring with vodkaHerring with marinated onions100/3065,00
Mildly salted salmon100160,00
Assorted fishMildly salted salmon, hunchback salmon50/50/50210,00
VorschmackHerring, butter, butter cheese, carrot15079,00
Red caviarRed caviar with butter50/30150,00
"Kholodets" (jelly broth)Classical kholodets (jelly broth) with beef17050,00
Aubergine rollsAubergine, cheese, mayonnaise,arlic16068,00
Liver patePate of hen liver8040,00
Boiled tongueBeef tongue, sour cream-horseradish sauce100/5095,00
"Cssacks Appetizer"Ukrainian salo with a meat layer (low-meat high-fat bacon), cucumbers, mustard100/30/3070,00
Home slicingSlicing of meat delicacy250195,00
Snack meadowHome sausage, hen and pork, cold-boiled pork, salo (bacon), ground salo, honey agaric mushrooms, sauerkraut, marinated550300,00
Cheese plateMaasdam, Brie, Blue, Radomer, Mozzarella, Royal cheese300248,00
Vegetables mosaicFresh vegetables with dill100/100/5045,00
Sandwiches and Toast
Red caviar sandwich20/10/4565,00
Bruschetta with salmonCreamy cheese with slightly salted salmon on toast30/30/4083,00
Fish toastHen egg, herring fillet, marinated onion, butter.40/40/4040,00
Delicacy toastBeef tongue, bacon, cheese, salty cucumber, butter.40/30/3060,00
Cheese sandwich40/15/4034,00
Buzhenina (cold baked ham) sandwich40/25/4048,00
Hot sandwich with boiled chicken20060,00
Pancakes with red caviar18/70/10100,00
Pancakes with fishPancakes, cream cheese, mildly salted salmon30/30/150114,00
Pancakes with meat170/5076,00
Pancakes with tvorog (Ukrainian cottage cheese)150/5055,00
Pancakes with mushrooms170/5055,00
Pancakes with poppy seeds180/3055,00
Pancakes with banana18060,00
Pancakes with butter11038,00
Hot Appetizer
Chicken pie with mushrooms and cheese180/5065,00
Meat pie180/5075,00
Cheese pie18060,00
Vegetables pie180/5045,00
Smoky meat pie180/5075,00
Draniki (potato pancakes) "Polesia"Draniki stuffed with minced meat150/5085,00
Chicken and mushroom zhulyen (individual casserole)10040,00
Hen in butter100/5054,00
Stucked beef with mushrooms18087,00
Stewed cabbage with meat18062,00
Sea coctailCalamares, mussels, shrimps fried in soy sause with garlic100160,00
Fried mussels with onions10095,00
Appetizer to go with beer
Basturma(marinated skewered beef, exotic meat with spices)10075,00
Sudzhuk (jerked meat)5045,00
Hen chips3063,00
Calf chips3083,00
Wings to beer20075,00
Onion rings in batter5038,00
Cheese balls in mustard saue100/5050,00
Boiled shrimps10095,00
Pita bread chips5023,00
Crackers to beer with garlic7020,00
Beer plateHen chips, calf chips, cheese balls, onion rings, crackers, pita bread chips. Mustard sauce320/50260,00
Pistachio nuts60115,00
First Courses
Ukrainian borshch with pork and pampushki (Ukrainian Garlic Bread Puffs)Hearty soup including various vegetables (cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes) and meat300/80/3065,00
Ukrainian borshch with veal and pampushki (Ukrainian Garlic Bread Puffs)Hearty soup including various vegetables (cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes) and meat300/80/3070,00
Broth with chicken and breadcrumps30050,00
Broth with chicken and egg30050,00
Broth with chicken and noodles30050,00
Meat solyanka (thick spicy sour soup)30085,00
OkroshkaCold soup with a mix of mostly raw vegetables (cucumbers, spring onion, radish), boiled potatoes, eggs, ham made with diluted sour cream30070,00
Ukha (fish soup) "Boyar"Soup with pike perch fillet of pike-perch, salmon, toothfish300115,00
Mushroom soup-cream30065,00
Pea soup with smoked meat30065,00
Vegetable soup with meatballs30065,00
Second Courses
Fried porkPieces of pork fried with onions150/30136,00
Pork tenderloin in mustard saucePork tenderloin fried on both sides, apples, cream and mustard sauce150/100136,00
Pork chopPork, baked vegetables100/10090,00
Schnitzel "Cordon Blue"Hen fillet, bacon, Feta cheese. Served with butter-cheese sauce220/50135,00
Pork steakPrice for 100 grams10097,00
Beef steakPrice for 100 grams10097,00
hicken steakMarinated chicken fillet cooked on a grill, vegetables150/100105,00
Calf cutlet100/10065,00
Stewed hen cutlet10065,00
Cutlet a la Kiev15098,00
Roast of calf30065,00
Rabbit with Dorblu sauceBaked rabbit slices with creamy cheese sauce200/100218,00
Rabbit liverwith fried onionRabbit liverwith fried onion150/30250,00
"Poltava halushki"Steam boiled halushki (dumplings) with chicken in sour cream and garlic sauce.300100,00
Stuffed halushki"with cream sauce220/5070,00
Home pelmeniPelmeni (minced pork and beef filling wrapped in thin dough), sour cream200/50/1585,00
Vareniki with potato and mushroomsSteamed vareniki (dumplings). Served with sour cream.230/50/2065,00
Vareniki with cabbageStewed vareniki served with sour-cream230/50/2060,00
Vareniki with meatSteamed vareniki (dumplings). Served with butter.230/50/2085,00
Pasta "Carbonara"30098,00
Pasta with hen and mushrooms30098,00
Spaghetti with salmon and basil300130,00
Crucian in crispy crust20075,00
Salmon steakSteak of salmon, grilled or stewed100195,00
Salmon "Emperor"Salmon cooked on a grill under white sauce, with shrimps and cheese "Parmesan" .200/100420,00
Baked mackerel with vegetables400140,00
"Piquant Sander"Sander (pike-perch fish) fillet with mushrooms baked under cheese.100/70/70138,00
Omelette with cheese17058,00
Fried eggs with bacon14058,00
Dishes cooked on a mangal (grill)
Pork shashlik from the neck (kebab)Price for 100 grams10097,00
Veal shashlyk (kebab)Price for 100 grams10097,00
Chicken shashlyk (kebab)Price for 100 grams10075,00
Vegetable shashlyk (kebab) "Hopak"250105,00
Side Dishes
Home style fried potatoes20035,00
Fried potatoes with mushrooms20045,00
French fries13045,00
Mashed potatoes20035,00
Boiled buckwheat with butter170/2035,00
Boiled rice with butter170/2038,00
Chocolate FondantClassical French dessert100/4075,00
Cake "Napoleon"Classic cake "Napoleon"18085,00
Cake "Zakher"Chocolate cake14095,00
Winter cherryFresh, frozen cherries in a chilled meringue roll with peanuts.12085,00
Cherry strudelLayered pastry, apples, cherries, raisins. Served with ice cream.200/50105,00
Belgian waffles10025,00
Vareniki (dumplings) with cottage cheeseDelicate vareniki (dumplings) with cottage cheese, sweet or salty to choose200/50/2065,00
Cottage cheese pudding150/5060,00
White ice cream; Coffee ice cream10025,00
Fruit, drinks
ApplesPrice for 100 grams1008,00
OrangesPrice for 100 grams10018,00
BananasPrice for 100 grams10018,00
GrapesPrice for 100 grams10040,00
PineapplePrice for 100 grams10040,00
Lemon with sugar100/2020,00
Fresh carrot juice25045,00
Fresh apple juice25050,00
Fresh apple and carrot juice25050,00
Apple Juice (home-made)25020,00
Tomato Juice (home-made)25020,00
Compote (dried fruit)25020,00
Cranberry mors (mix of juice, water, berries)25035,00
Tea "Nadin" in assortment1 .50,00
Herbal tea "Meadows of Woodlands"1 .60,00
Tea "Ginger"1 .75,00
Tea "Sea-buckthorn"1 .75,00

Main menu: bar

Absolut in assortment (Sweden)50/10045,00/90,00
Finland in assortment (Finland)50/10045,00/90,00
Nemiroff Lex (Ukraine)50/10045,00/90,00
Nemiroff Premium (Ukraine)50/10027,50/55,00
Nemiroff Honey Pepper (Ukraine)50/10020,00/40,00
Nemiroff Shtoff (Ukraine)50/10022,00/44,00
First Guild Prestige (Ukraine)50/10042,50/85,00
First Guild Noble (Ukraine)50/10022,00/44,00
Hennessy (France)50/100750,00/1500,00
Hennessy VSOP (France)50/100250,00/500,00
Hennessy VS (France)50/100180,00/360,00
Martell (France)50/100700,00/1400,00
Martell VSOP (France)50/100250,00/500,00
Martell VS (France)50/100180,00/360,00
Akhtamar (rmenia)50/100140,00/280,00
Ararat ***** (rmenia)50/10080,00/160,00
Klinkoff VSOP (Ukraine)50/10065,00/130,00
Klinkoff VS (Ukraine)50/10045,00/90,00
Karpaty (Ukraine)50/100100,00/200,00
Tisa (Ukraine)50/10090,00/180,00
Zakarpatskiy (Ukraine)50/10047,50/95,00
J.W.Gold Label (Scotland)50/100215,00/430,00
J.W.Black Label (Scotland)50/100170,00/340,00
J.W.Red Label (Scotland)50/10075,00/150,00
Chivas Regal 12 Year Old (Scotland)50/100140,00/280,00
Glen Grant 12 Year Old (Scotland)50/100155,00/310,00
Jack Daniels (USA)50/10090,00/180,00
Jameson (Ireland)50/10090,00/180,00
Sauza silver(Mexico)50/10085,00/170,00
Sauza gold (Mexico)50/10090,00/180,00
Jose Cuervo reposado (Mexico)50/10070,00/140
Jose Cuervo añejo (Mexico)50/10075,00/150,00
Havana Club White (Cub)50/10055,00/110,00
Havana Club Black (Cub)50/100100,00/200,00
Havana Club Gold (Cub)50/10065,00/130,00
Beefeater (England)50/10075,00/150,00
Nastoyki (herbal bitters)
Absenta (Italy)50/10078,00/156,00
Becherovka (Czech Republic)50/10048,00/96,00
Martini Bianco (Italy)50/10032,50/65,00
Martini Rosso (Italy)50/10020,00/40,00
Martini Extra Dry (Italy)50/10020,00/40,00
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut (France)7502400,00
Sparkling wines
Asti Martini Whitei Sweet (Italy)750750,00
Crimean Red Semi-Sweet (Ukraine)50/10020,00/40,00
Crimean White Brut (Ukraine)50/10021,00/42,00
Crimean White Semi-Dry (Ukraine)50/10021,00/42,00
rtemovskoye White Semi-Sweet (Ukraine)50/10019,00/38,00
Wines of France
Bordeaux (red dry)750750,00
Médoc (red dry)750850,00
Sauvignon (white dry)750550,00
Chardonnay (white dry)750550,00
Wines of Chile
Cabernet Sauvignon (red dry)750650,00
Chardonnay (white dry)750650,00
Wines of Georgia
Khvanchkara (red semi-sweet)7501800,00
Kindzmarauli (red semi-sweet)750780,00
Saperavi (red dry)50/10034,00/68,00
Tsinandali (white dry)50/10034,00/68,00
Tvishi (white semi-sweet)50/10032,50/65,00
Alazani White (semi-sweet)50/10030,00/60,00
Alazani Red (semi-sweet)50/10030,00/60,00
Wines of Ukraine
Bastardo Stary Krym red dry (Inkerman)50/10017,50/35,00
Ancient Chersonesus red semi-sweet (Inkerman)50/10017,50/35,00
Chardonnay Kachinskoye white dry (Inkerman)50/10017,50/35,00
Kagor Ukrainsky red dessert (Inkerman)50/10012,50/25,00
Campari Bitter (Italy)50/10040,00/80,00
Jägermeister (Germany)50/10060,00/120,00
Malibu (Germany)50/10050,00/100,00
Baileys Irish Cream (Ireland)50/10080,00/160,00
Kahlúa (xico)50/10080,00/160,00
Sambuca (Italy)50/10065,00/130,00
DeKuyper in assortment (Holland)50/10055,00/110,00
Beer on tap
Barreled lager (Poltava)0,5/0,336,00/23,00
Hoegaarden white (Belgium)0,5/0,375,00/47,00
Bottled beer
Corona Extra (Mexico)0,3355,00
Leffe Brown (Belgium)0,3360,00
Leffe Blonde (Belgium)0,3360,00
Warsteiner (Germany)0,3365,00
Clausthaler alcohol free (Germany)0,3375,00
Baltika 3 Classic (Zaporozhye)0,536,00
Baltika 7 Export (Zaporozhye)0,536,00
Baltika 0 Non-alcoholic (Zaporozhye)0,536,00
Soft drinks
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice25085,00
Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice25095,00
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice25085,00
Burn Energy Drink25040,00
Red Bull Energy Drink25050,00
Coca-Cola, Sprite25018,00
Coca-Cola in a glass bottle1 .30,00
Fanta in a glass bottle1 .30,00
Schweppes in a glass bottle1 .30,00
Juices "Sandora" in assortment25020,00
Borjomi Mineral Water (fizzy)0,550,00
Polyana Kvasova Mineral Water (fizzy)0,554,00
Evian Spring Water (non-carbonated)0,3358,00
Water "Morshinskaya" (still)25018,00
Water "Morshinskaya" (slightly fizzy)25018,00
Coffee Espresso6040,00
Coffee Americano12040,00
Coffee Ristretto3040,00
Coffee Latte22550,00
Coffee Glace22555,00
Caffeine-free coffee12040,00